GMB fans fuming as Piers Morgan calls himself 'black' in 'non binary' rant at Joan Collins

Piers Morgan loves a good debate with a double-dose of controversy on top.

So when the new proposals that jails must now recognise gender-neutral prisoners were brought up on ‘Good Morning Britain’, the 52-year-old host got himself over excited and spent ALL of the show arguing with the likes of Joan Collins, Sarah Beeny, Lorraine Kelly, and his co-hosts Susanna Reid and Charlotte Hawkins about it, and he even declared himself a “black non-binary” person.

That will be the day!

Joan Collins agreed with him, and Lorraine Kelly didn’t take much notice of his rant, but one guest went toe-to-toe with Piers and stopped him in his tracks.

Professor Eric Anderson was invited on to discuss monogamy and said: “If a white man wants to identify as a black man on a form, it shouldn’t be a crime.”

“Are you serious? It should just be wrong. Obviously a white man is not a black man,” fumed Piers.

Eric Anderson on Good Morning Britain

“In the mean time, I am non-binary and apparently that’s fine. Where does it end? How can you not know if somebody’s who’s white says they’re black that that is not a lie? You do not have the option to be black or white. You are black or you are white.”

But as the 52-year-old presenter got more worked up, Eric snapped and said: “Whoa, whoa, whoa. My children are neither black or white.”

Piers backtracked: “I know that, I’m talking about people who are black or are white and identify with being the opposite.”

“Well, you can look at my children and tell me what colour they are,” Eric hit back.

Charlotte Hawkin hits back at Piers (ITV)

But when his co-host Charlotte questioned him later, saying: “I don’t know why you get such a bee in your bonnet about boys wearing skirts. If a boy wants to wear a skirt why shouldn’t he?

Piers replied: “Why have any rules, at school, for any child? I think we should be allowed to have boys and girls shouldn’t we?”

She reasoned: “It doesn’t come down to rules it comes down to if they don’t feel comfortable dressing as a boy and they want to wear a girl’s skirt then he should be allowed. What if someone doesn’t fit in the ‘boy girl’ bracket.”

Piers spat back: “If they want to fit into the non-binary bracket then that’s no bracket.”

And of course, his favourite nemesis Lord Alan Sugar was watching from the sidelines and had a few words to add on the matter.


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