WATCH: Piers Morgan goes on burger rant at lazy parents 'it's child abuse'

Good Morning Britain has lost his rag at parents who have been sending their children to school with burgers in their packed lunches.

Good Morning Britain earlier today (ITV)

Piers insisted it was child abuse, after he was told the statistic that half a milllion kids go to school hungry every day and all research into the matter has found that a bad diet leads to worse performance in school.

He blasted lazy and feckless parents, saying: “Hang on hang on, what lesson do you need as a parent to be sending your kid to school with a congeeled McDonalds from the day before?

“That’s not parenting, that’s abuse. Yes, they need policing these people. They’re committing child abuse.”

Headteacher Jon Carthy issued a newsletter to mums and dads calling out the ‘extreme and unacceptable’ packed lunches that had been given to children.

Though Susannah Reid attempted to defend some parents and said that they are “under a lot of pressure”, Piers said those giving unhealthy lunches should be called in for a special assembly and made to wear a dunce’s hat.

We don’t always agree with Piers, but we have to admit that is a great idea.

Jon Carthy appeared on the show to talk about unhealthy school meals

And viewers flocked to Twitter to back Piers for his strong views on the unhealthy school lunch.

One viewer said: “Don’t often agree with Piers but on children’s lunchboxes I certainly do! #gmb.”

Another added: “#GMB piers’s got a point sometimes a nanny state is good for some of these parents.”

A third said: “Loving @piersmorgan passion for this subject this morning #kidslunches I’m with you sir!! #GMB @GMB.”

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