Watch: Putin and Kim Jong-un share a laugh on ‘carpool karaoke’ drive

The dictators of North Korea and Russia laughed and joked as they paraded around the streets of Pyongyang in a luxury limousine, up-close footage from inside the car shows.

In a set-up reminiscent of James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke, a relaxed Vladimir Putin drives Kim Jong-un around the North Korean capital as the pair chuckle and exchange stories.

The carefully-choreographed video footage captured inside the Russian-made Aurus car reinforces the strong relationship between Russia and North Korea whose leaders signed a mutual defence pledge during the state visit on Wednesday.

The two men also bonded over animals on the high-profile trip. In one slightly surreal scene, Kim fed a horse carrots while Putin looked on, patting the white animal’s head.

Kim Jong-un feeds a horse while Russia's Putin looks on
Kim Jong-un feeds a horse while Russia's Putin looks on - STR/AFP

Both men have repeatedly used horses in propaganda. In an image shared widely online, Putin rode around on a brown horse while shirtless, while an infamous photograph shows Kim atop a white stallion on Mount Paektu.

The pair also exchanged several gifts, according to state media. Putin offered his North Korean counterpart a tea set, an admiral’s dirk or a dagger and an Aurus limousine – the second he’s given car enthusiast Kim, having sent one to North Korea in defiance of UN sanctions earlier this year.

Yuri Ushakov, a Kremlin aide, said the tea set was “very beautiful”, according to Russia’s Tass state news agency, adding that Putin also received “very good presents”.

North Korea's leader Kim Jong-un waves goodbye to Putin
North Korea's leader Kim Jong-un waves goodbye to Putin - KCNA/via Reuters
Putin waves back
Putin waves back - Getty Images AsiaPac

This included a pair of native Pungsan hunting dogs – the same gift received by Moon Jae-in, the former South Korean president, during a period of friendlier relations in 2018.

Footage showed Putin smiling as he watched the white hunting dogs, who were tied to a fence adorned with roses.

The warm, jovial relations appeared to continue throughout the trip – Putin’s first to North Korea since 2000. As his plane left en route to Vietnam, images showed the Russian leader waving at his counterpart across the tarmac, with Mr Kim waving both hands in response.