Watch: Raven EATS a parking ticket and the car owner now faces a fine

This is the moment a thoughtless raven decided to EAT a parking ticket – leaving the driver to face a big fine.

The bird was filmed casually plucking the ticket off the windshield of the car in Yellowknife, Canada, before tucking in to its bizarre dinner.

Quite why the raven thought the paper would make a hearty meal is anyone’s guess, although it may just have a grudge against ticket inspectors or the driver of the car.

Annemieke Mulders, who filmed the bird, told CBC News: “I watched the little monster take the ticket from under the windshield wiper and shred it, and (I think) eat some of it.”

Dinner: The raven decided that the parking ticket would make a tasty snack (Facebook)

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Unfortunately for the driver who was ticketed, they still need to pay the fine.

Dennis Marchiori, Yellowknife’s director of public safety, added: “We haven’t heard ‘the dog or raven ate my parking ticket’ excuse.

“In most cases, once we place the ticket on the vehicle for the violation, it is their responsibility.”

It is not clear whether the vehicle owner is aware that they ever got a ticket due to the raven’s actions – and their fine will double from £15 to £30 if they don’t pay within the first 10 days.