Watch a Rimac Nevera prototype driven off-road before it gets destroyed

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The Rimac Nevera is arguably the ultimate electric hypercar. You’ll pay somewhere in the region of £2 million to own one and when you do you’ll have a car that will make the Bugatti Chiron look slow.

However, during the production process, prototypes are built that will never get sold to the public. These models are built to the highest specification and are used to make sure the versions that are sold for those huge sums are safe and in perfect working order.

The car in this video, for example, has also been used for media and customer test drives. And sometimes, these models get used for something else, too – crash testing.

Usually no-one makes a big deal about this, but when you’re a small manufacturer like Rimac, you can have a bit more fun with your products.

In case you’re unaware, Rimac is one of the leading companies for automotive electrification, building motors, batteries and much more for major manufacturers including Aston Martin, Ferrari and Koenigsegg.

It was started by Croatian Mate Rimac, and he has now released a video saying goodbye to a prototype before it’s sent off to be crashed.

Rimac Nevera

In the video, Rimac takes the car somewhere it’s highly unlikely any owners will take their cars – off road. He starts by driving along a muddy forest road, before heading out onto the puddle-filled mud tracks in a field then drifts his way around the construction site for the company’s new campus.

The car handles it surprisingly well, with the suspension working hard as it crashes along the rough terrain.

Now Rimac has had his fun with the car, it will have some special paint applied that will let the crash test cameras see the car better, before being smashed into two barriers.

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