WATCH: SA skateboarder completes insane bridge trick

Cape Town - South African skateboarder Jean-Marc Johannes completed the biggest stunt of his career and we were there to see it.

The pro-skater, known for his groundbreaking stunt repertoire, showed Cape Town what it is to #LIVEWITHHEART on Tuesday when he made SA skateboarding history by successfully completing the biggest skate stunt of his career - across the Liesbeek River.

"My challenge was to try something for the very first time, therefore I chose Liesbeek River, a spot in Cape Town that is completely unfit for skating and brought it to life by attempting the impossible and making it possible," says Jean-Marc.

Combining difficulty with originality, through a range of back-to-back tricks, Jean-Marc managed to launch himself off a ramp, perfectly sticking a kickflip onto a 5 meter high bridge, landing on an area less than 1 meter wide.
"This was by far the most difficult stunt I've ever attempted, but this is what living with heart is to me - pushing limits, overcoming fears and bridging the gap in my own perceived capabilities. If not for that, this moment would never have happened," says Jean-Marc.

Watch as he launches himself off a ramp, stick a kickflip onto a five meter high bridge, and land on an area less than one meter wide.

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