Watch frightening moment a giant Airbus struggles with crosswinds as it lands in Germany

Look away now if you don’t like flying.

This is the nerve-shredding moment a giant Emirates Airbus A380 – the world’s biggest aeroplane – battles strong crosswinds as it lands, before swerving and skidding left and right as it finally reaches the runway.

The Airbus A380 aeroplane from the Dubai-based United Arab Emirates airline was approaching Dusseldorf Airport, Germany.

The footage shows the 562-tonne giant double-decker approaching the runway but being buffeted by strong winds.

Despite its weight, the video shows how easily the craft is affected by the strong winds.

This is the nerve-racking moment the giant Airbus swerves on landing (CEN)

And as it lands, the plane jerks violently from right to left, before the pilots regain control and straighten up the craft.

The plane carries more than 500 passengers.

The spectacular footage was shot by ‘Cargospotter’, who wrote they ‘filmed a few thousand crosswind landings at several airports in Europe’ – but this particular landing was ‘extraordinary’.

The interior of the aircraft, which is a double decker plane(Rex)


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‘At first it looked like a pretty normal crosswind approach but after touchdown the pilots tried to align with the runway which looked pretty incredible. I have never seen such a tremendous reaction of an airplane after a touchdown,’ wrote Cargospotter.

‘You can see that the pilots tried to align with the runway by using the tail rudder and luckily it worked out. This video shows the incredible skills of the pilots.’

The winds came after storm ‘Xavier’ battered parts of Germany yesterday, causing some traffic disruptions.

Thousands of passengers were left stranded overnight at German train stations as train traffic came to a halt.

The plane belonged to the Dubai-based airline, Emirates (Rex)

Media reports also suggests that air traffic across several airports in the country was restricted.

And, according to local media, at least seven people died during the storm, mostly in car accidents due to fallen trees.