Watch: Sheep head to East Lancashire ‘baaar’ in hilarious video

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Sheep strolling the streets outside The Blind Tiger in Rawtenstall
Sheep strolling the streets outside The Blind Tiger in Rawtenstall

Sheep have been spotted roaming the streets of an East Lancashire town and even tried to visit their local boozer.

Rawtenstall woman, Zoe Belsten, managed to capture the curious sheep on camera – and it’s certainly not something ‘ewe’ see every day.

Zoe and her husband were driving down the A682 through Rawtenstall on Sunday morning (August 7) when they spotted three sheep walking along the path.

The animals even strolled by The Blind Tiger bar on Brook Street.

Posting to a Facebook group Zoe said: “Anyone lost some sheep? They’ve had a nice stroll to Blind Tiger but unfortunately it’s closed.”

Speaking to the Lancashire Telegraph, Zoe said it was a “strange” sight to see.

She said: “They were just so confidently strolling along it was strange to see.

“I did wonder where they would go because it was just main roads surrounding them.”

Since posting the video online it has received dozens of likes, comments, shares and interactions.

Hannah Richardson said: “They are very streetwise.”

“This is how they roll here,” joked Natalie Maxwell. “Those sheep like a few [drinks] around town and then they make their way home late.”

“They were sauntering down Bocholt Way this morning,” said another.

“I let them cross the road yesterday, do what they want these sheep,” said another.

Janis Wilson said: “Shame all the baaaars are shut.”

Other commenters had some serious words of advice and recommended reporting this to the police before someone gets injured.

One person said: “Please report them to the police. I know people think this is just normal for around… farmers have a responsibility to ensure the welfare of their sheep.

“They aren't ‘streetwise’ either.. they simply walk out onto the road and it's the drivers that have to react quickly.”