Watch shocking video of motorist driving on a busy motorway without a TYRE

A motorist has been pulled over by police for driving without a tyre.

The driver was stopped by officers on a busy motorway after they were alerted to the fact their car was missing a tyre.

Police stopped the motorist on the M55 motorway in Lancashire, which connects Blackpool to Preston.

Lancashire Road Police posted images of the car on Twitter.

It wrote: “This vehicle was stopped by our TacOps colleagues #HU24 on the M55 after a report from concerned members of the public.

“The driver was unaware what the problem was.


“They are now aware a day in court is coming for numerous offences.”

In one photo, the Vauxhall vehicle is slumped on one side along the hard shoulder of the motorway.

The motorist was driving without a front left wheel (Picture: Lancashire Road Police)
Officers pulled the car over on the M55 motorway (Picture: Lancashire Road Police)

Another photo, taken from the side, shows that the front left wheel and tyre are no longer in place.

Tom Davis recorded footage of the car veering across a lane of the motorway as it rattled along the road.

He said: “We had passed the car earlier down the road … we decided to film it for evidence as he came past us.”

One Twitter user, Adrian Baldry, commented: “How far do you need to travel to wear down the tyre and then the wheel to that!!!!”

The post on Twitter has more than 2,400 likes and has been retweeted more than 800 times.