Watch: Smiley Face Emoji Emerges Inside Erupting Volcano

A volcanic eruption can be a terrifying experience - but this one is sending out a friendly message in the lava.

The Pu‘u O‘o crater at the Kilauea volcano in Hawaii has been oozing since May but a recent fly-past has shown the clear outline of a smiley face in the fiery pit.

Mick Kalber, from helicopter tour company Paradise Helicopters managed to capture the spectacular emoji - showing the eruption to be on the less scary side.

Hot emoji: The lava inside the crater formed a smiley face (Grab)

The lava flow from the volcano has reached the ocean this week - for the first time since 2013.

Thousands of visitors have flocked to the area to watch the flow, despite safety risks like flying debris and volcanic particles potentially irritating the skin, eyes and lungs of those getting too close.

Derek Scott, who witnessed the lava flow, told the Hawaii Tribune-Herald: “It was nice with the wind, but it was still really hot, so it was a long walk for us…

“The heat that radiates off the body when you’re that close to it is amazing.”