Watch: What sort of takeaway do Brummies love most?

Rebecca in Birmingham tells us where she likes to go for a takeaway
Rebecca in Birmingham tells us where she likes to go for a takeaway

What sort of takeaway do Brummies love most?

It’s become a great British tradition - the takeaway. One in five of us order a delivery at least once a month and more than half of us claim to love them. I’m here in Birmingham, a city known for its culinary diversity, to find out from the people here what their favourite sort of takeaway is. With so many food apps - including Deliveroo, Just Eat and Uber Eats - there’s plenty of choice.

Mark says: “My favourite takeaway is probably Indian.  I think in Birmingham it’s the best food that we’ve got going on anyway - and although I like Chinese food I think that’s always better when you get it in the restaurant. When you get it delivered it’s normally a sloppy oily kind of mess or something and it’s not the fresh food that Chinese food should be really.

“But I think a curry - when it gets delivered it’s still good. It’s better for the next day as well. I think there’s so much choice. I think when you order a burger you’re just paying the restaurant prices for one and it gets delivered later than when you want it and it’s not warm and stuff like that so I think that’s a bit of a waste of money.”

Rebecca says: “My favourite takeaway, unfortunately, is McDonald’s. I really really love junk food, I’m afraid! And it has increased since Covid I think because of the convenience.

“So I  haven’t used apps like Just Eat or anything like that so I find that sometimes the wait’s a bit longer because of all those apps - but I just love it and that’s my favourite. I know there’s a lot of other options but I tend to like to do the same thing because I know it and it’s tried and tested!”

Mark says: “I like a good Thai because I like my spice - and nice and rice - but yeah and the amount of takeaways in the city has just gone crazy. You’ve got all sorts, you can eat out every night of the week if you want it in a different eating establishment, it’s really really good here in Birmingham.”