'Watch this space': Boris Johnson hints at bridge connecting Northern Ireland and Great Britain

Katy Clifton
Prime Minister Boris Johnson speaking during the debate: PA

The Prime Minister has hinted that there could be a bridge across the Irish Sea between Northern Ireland and Great Britain in the future, saying: "Watch this space."

Boris Johnson has raised the idea of a bridge across the Irish sea between the island of Ireland and Great Britain in the past.

During the debate on the Queen’s Speech, DUP MP Ian Paisley (North Antrim) asked if the Prime Minister would build a “Boris bridge” between Northern Ireland and Great Britain.

He said: “Will the Prime Minister make good on his commitment for a golden age of all of the United Kingdom by ensuring that makes good on the promises made for bus building in Northern Ireland and for infrastructure in Northern Ireland so we can all enjoy this golden age of infrastructure.

“And build the Boris Bridge not just the Boris Bus.”

Boris Johnson in the Commons (PA)

The New Routemaster for London – a bus commissioned by Mr Johnson as London Mayor – is manufactured in Ballymena, Northern Ireland.

Mr Johnson replied: “As for his desire for a bridge to connect the two biggest isles in the British Isles all I can say is it is a very interesting idea.

“And I advise him to watch this space, and indeed… watch that space between those islands because what he has said it has not fallen on deaf ears.”