Watch this super sassy mouse squaring up to a cat - Tom and Jerry style

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This video shows a real-life Tom and Jerry battle - a super sassy mouse squaring up to a cat. 

The footage shows the feline trotting alongside the tiny rodent before the smaller creature hides - seemingly confusing its hunter.

But when the mouse pops back out the black and white moggy tries to give it a gentle paw.

And instead of running away, the little creature appears to stand its ground - rearing onto its tiny back legs to snap at the would-be predator.

Bricklayer Raimondas Valasevicius, 44, took the video on his way home in Hither Green, Southeast London, on April 22, with this girlfriend Inga Kolesnikovaite, 39, a child minder.

She said: "It's really quite funny. It reminds me of Tom and Jerry.

"It was unusual to see a mouse that didn't run away.

"I think the cat was just playing with the mouse and at first the mouse was a bit confused and then decided to fight back."