WATCH: Thousands of people flock to Lille Fleamarket, one of the biggest in Europe

Some 8,000 local stallholders, second-hand dealers and traders took to the sunny streets of Lille for this braderie, which officially opened at 8am.

This edition, which is free for private individuals who are not second-hand dealers, is concentrated mainly in the centre and in the old town until 6pm on Sunday.

Since 2017, it has been forbidden to sell any new products or objects (other than those sold by established businesses).

"We come to find the nugget, the bargain, the treasure", smiles Sylvie Carton, 60, who arrived early from the Oise region, between a stall selling crockery and musical instruments.

"Isabelle Pruvost, who has already unearthed several pots of flowers, adds: "We're looking for anything and everything, just the right bargain.