WATCH: Travis Scott’s new video is packed with biblical imagery including a Virgin Mary-like Kylie Jenner

Cape Town – American rapper Travis Scott has a new music video and it is jam packed with biblical references, in keeping with the song which is titled Stop Trying to Be God

From sheep, to a bearded man in the clouds (with lasers shooting out of eyes) and more than one appearance from Kylie Jenner - his current girlfriend and the mother of his child, Stormi Webster – draped in shimmering material and bathed in light.  

In the video the 20-year-old make-up mogul first appears to take care of Travis after he’s burned by fire and then closes out the video in a barn, in a manger, while cradling a tiny lamb in her arms. A scene which some people have called a clear reference to the Virgin Mary. 

The video was released on Monday and the song is featured on Travis’ new album – Astroworld– which was released on Friday. 

James Blake, who is featured on the song, also makes an appearance in the video which was directed by Dave Meyers.