Watch Trump SWEAT when asked if he'd declassify Jeffrey Epstein documents in viral video

Fresh off of being convicted on 34 felony counts, former President Donald Trump went on Fox News, where he was lobbed softball questions by the hosts, and yet one still managed to trip him up, and now his response is going viral on X (formerly Twitter)

Over the weekend, Trump appeared on Fox & Friends Weekend for the first time since he was found guilty in his hush-money trial. Rachel Campos-Duffy and the other hosts were setting Trump up for easy answers, including asking if he would declassify JFK and 9/11 files if elected in November.

Trump quickly responded yes, but when co-host Rachel Campos-Duffy asked if he would also declassify documents related to the late sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, Trump seemed to flail.

First, the MAGA leader responded by saying, "Yeah. Yeah, I would," before pausing and then backtracking.

"I guess I would," Trump continued, looking panicked. "I think that less so because, you know, you don't know — you don't want to affect people's lives if it's phony stuff in there, because it's a lot of phony stuff with that whole world."

That wasn't the smartest response since it made him look like he was trying to hide something. Considering Trump's penchant for claiming demonstrably true things are false or "fake news," this doesn't make him look good.

A clip of the interview has been going viral on X (formerly Twitter), and it's been shared over and over again by people who think Trump's claim that people's lives would be affected by the "phony stuff" makes him look guilty. The clip even made it on the Daily Show where correspondent Ronny Chieng joked, "Look at the panic in Trump's eyes," he said. "I've seen more relaxed people in the exit row of a Boeing flight."

Other people on social media suggested that Trump hemming and hawing is because he's worried about his own name appearing in the Epstein documents, considering how many times the two were photographed together and the fact that Trump flew on the child predator's private jet.

"A lot of phony stuff in those files.. He's already making excuses for his name being in the files," someone wrote on X, while another person commented, "Interesting how he gets in the word phony, he's grooming his base to reject the evidence he knows is there."

You'd think Trump, who himself has dealt with sexual assault allegations, would want to distance himself from Epstein and not want to be seen as attempting to cover up his crimes in any way.

It makes you wonder if some of Trump's nerves stem from the knowledge that on July 1, the grand jury files from Epstein's Florida case will be released.

Trump's inability to give a straight answer to this simple question is just one more in an EXTENSIVE list of reasons he can't get elected in November. Fingers crossed we don't end up with Trump in White House ever again!

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