Watch: UK woman transforms rooms into amazing LUXURY living spaces

This talented woman transforms ordinary rooms into luxury living spaces in stunning time-lapse footage. Lucy Tallyn, 33, UK has a keen eye for décor, so much so that after 8 years of working in the fashion industry she is now a content creator showcasing her room-transforming prowess on social media. Amazing Time lapse videos show the artistic Lucy taking basic living spaces and completely transforming them into unrecognisable luxury rooms. The satisfying footage was captured through a large portion of the past year as Lucy utilised the lockdown to renovate her home and garden and the results speak for themselves. Thousands of Lucy's followers on Instagram page @lucys_hillside_house have been amazed and inspired by the incredible renovations. Lucy, from Surrey, said: "I was furloughed for a large portion of 2020 and decided to use this time to renovate my home & garden. I filmed everything I did and posted it to social media." "There are so many inspiring accounts on Instagram and my mum is a very creative person who encouraged me to share my journey on social media and helped me talk through my ideas for my home & garden." "I love all of the projects that I've done and I'm so pleased with the finish given that I am a novice! I have to say my garden is my favourite, even though it's not finished and probably won't be for a long time! Renovating the garden has given us an outdoor space that we can use, which has been particularly useful during lockdown and the rule of 6." "The garden has gone from an overgrown and dangerous space (due to loose patio slabs and moss covered steps) to a space that we can enjoy, almost like it's an extension of our home and living space. It also happens to give us a nice view from the house!" "Usually the biggest challenge would be finding the time to do the projects, especially when you have a full time job. I was lucky that I had been furloughed for most of my projects." "Friends, family and my Instagram community always seem so excited to see what I've been up to and are so supportive." "As with anything, with the good also comes the bad. There are the odd comments on social media telling me that I've ruined a space and sometimes people use unnecessarily strong language to express their displeasure at what I've done but I think those comments say more about them than what I've done in my home." "After steadily growing my social media accounts over the last year, I am shocked at how I've suddenly gained 45k Instagram followers in 3 weeks because of my videos. It is amazing to think that I have a following of such warm and caring people who I enjoy interacting with on a daily basis." "I have a real sense that they want to see me succeed and will help me in any way they can, from liking and sharing my posts to sending me kind messages telling me how excited and happy they are about my recent videos." "I'm not sure if I've really processed it yet but I'm excited to see all of the opportunities that seem to come with it so I am certainly being kept very busy!" "My videos are about sharing ideas on what you can do with a space and showing people that if I can do it with zero experience then so can they. It just takes a bit of research, planning and prep work."

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