Watch: Ukraine’s army still relies on Soviet-era tanks

Perched on the nose of the Soviet-designed tank near the Donetsk front line, one soldier in Ukrainian Commander Maksym's brigade was cradling an empty can of kitten food repurposed as a paraffin candle.

The servicemen under Maksym's command have relied on these kinds of innovative, if precarious, fixes to stay warm in the belly of tanks like the T-64, one of several ageing models that make up Ukraine's arsenal.

If lobbying in Kyiv for newer, more advanced armour from its Western allies is successful, one improvement crews are hopeful for is proper heating.

Maintainance is becoming an increasingly difficult task too, given the high use and stresses of war.

"We have no spare parts to maintain the tanks and the tracks break, so if our maintenance brigade sees tanks that have been hit they take what they need,” Commander Maksym said.

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