This ‘apple roses’ baking tutorial has gotten 116 million views in just two days

Amy O'Connor

ON MONDAY, TIP Hero, a lifestyle website, shared a recipe for “apple roses”.

And it’s quite hypnotising.


Then you pop them into a lemon and water mixture, and microwave for three minutes.


Take apricot preserve, a sheet of puff pastry and start assembling your apple roses.



And just look what you end up with.



(You can watch the whole thing here.)

Since being shared on Facebook on Monday, the video has been viewed an incredible 116 million times. It has received over 1.2 million likes and 3.1 million shares. 

In two days.

It’s also dominating Reddit and Imgur this morning.


And now people all over the world are baking apple roses.

Turns out people really love apple roses.

We know what we’re doing tonight.

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