I watched my favourite musical on stage and it didn't disappoint

Last night the Grease the Musical cast got a standing ovation from the crowd
-Credit: (Image: Megan Banner)

Grease is the best musical ever made, yes I said it.

Last night the cast of Grease the musical brought the roof down on Liverpool Empire Theatre. Grease, which was made into a film from the musical in 1978, was one of my favourites growing up, and I would go as far to say it has become a staple movie in most families' homes since. Have you ever met anyone who hasn't watched the classic, because I haven't?

I'm a lover for an on-stage musical and had been wanting to see Grease forever. And, last night I did and what a show. There is always once scene in particular that I love the most and I think most of us will share a mutual opinion on this - it involves a rather sassy looking Sandy.

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The classic scene I love so much, involves Olivia Newton-John, who plays Sandy in the original film, undergo a sexy transformation where she shows up to the funfair dressed head-to-toe in black leathers, iconic red heels, matched with red lipstick and a new hair do. The make-over is all with the game plan of winning over Danny, played by John Travolta, which let's just say works a treat - as they break out into the famous song, You're The One That I Want.

I think it gave most girls my age a little boost watching the scene - and I was so glad to see the iconic set played out brilliantly on stage last night. Honestly, I could not stop smiling and singing along.

The audience was seated in the stunning Liverpool Empire theatre on Tuesday (May 28) night and the curtains went up promptly at 7.30pm, with a flash of lights and the up-beat singing starting immediately. If you were feeling grumpy before the show, within the first 30 seconds your mood had been lifted with the go-happy and cheerful music.

The main thing I noticed was how many brilliant 'little touches' there were, from the set design, lighting, and how different scenes were being played out in different areas of the stage at once - I thought it all came together so well.

For me though, it was Alicia Berlgrade, as Frenchy, who stole the show with her incredible singing voice. One of the best on-stage singing voices I think I've ever heard. The rest of them were equally fabulous, but wow she was good - particularly loved her 'Beauty School Dropout' scene - I can't lie it's usually the part of the film which is my least favourite, but last night she transformed it into one of my favourite scenes.

I loved how the show told the original story of Grease - with all its iconic moments - but added their own little twists. They had the crowd in stitches to be honest, including me! Of course it was corny and a bit cheesy, but isn't that what Grease is all about?

The casting was 10/10 even with the last minute role change of Roger, the cast gelled together and totally vibed off each other - true to the song 'We Go Together.' Oh and a mention to Rebecca Stenhouse, who played Rizzo brilliantly, she really caught the role of 'mean girl' and dam she was hot doing it.

I genuinely had a smile on my face from start to finish, and couldn't help breaking out into song when some of the most-popular tracks were on...like Greased Lightnin'. The show was such a feel good performance, I just wanted to get up and dance. You know when music just makes you want to dance and sing your heart out? That was the feeling I had last night.

Considering Grease was a musical before being made into a film, to then get to watch it back in its former glory on stage, done so brilliant, well it did not disappoint. And, it was everything I had hoped to see for so long. Hats off to producer Colin Ingram because it was fab.

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