Water Gushes Through Arizona Landscape

Monsoon rainwater gushed through a usually “dry as a bone” canyon near Snowflake, Arizona, on Monday, August 15.

Local resident @HazardJB308, who took this video, wrote: “The wash is running so fast and is filled up pretty well. Normally this is dry as a bone, so be safe in these washes during storms.”

The National Weather Service issued a flash flood watch for part of northern Arizona, covering Snowflake, on Monday.

An NWS spokesperson told local media on August 10 that many areas of the state were “well above normal” in terms of precipitation.

The spokesperson said that areas in the north and east of Arizona, where Snowflake is located, had received up to 400 percent more precipitation than usual this monsoon season. Credit: @HazardJB308 via Storyful

Video transcript