Water Rushes Toward Storm Chasers Amid Flash Flooding in Arizona

Storm chasers filmed floodwater cascading through Mayer, Arizona, after parts of Yavapai County were hit by flash flooding on September 13.

Footage filmed by StormRunner Media shows the moment the water began to rush toward them on Central Avenue.

“There had been heavy rainfall upstream so we sat and waited for the rush of water to come down the wash,” they said, adding that they intercepted the “front wall” — the beginning of a rush of water — three separate times. Credit: StormRunner Media via Storyful

Video transcript

- All right. Here you go. Well, it's coming. Front wall flash flood, Big Bug Creek right here in Mayer, Arizona.

- And the problem is you're not going to get across the road right now.

- Huh?

- You're not going to get across the road right now, or at least on this side.

- Yeah. Whoa.

- That's why I didn't want to go over there [INAUDIBLE].

- It's filling up at my feet here.

Give me 10 seconds. Hold on.