Waterfall blows upwards in dramatic weather conditions

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A waterfall is captured being blown UPWARDS as high winds battered the country.

Amazing video footage shows the water from the top of the  630-metre (2086 feet) tall Kinder Scout waterfall, in the Peak District, Derbs., being sent spraying back on itself in the blustering winds.

And amateur photographer Rob Bates, 37, who braved the elements to hike up to the waterfall, can be seen struggling to hold onto his camera as he himself gets blown about in the "brutal" weather.

Tattoo artist Rob described it as "the worst winds I've ever been in".

He said: "I was having to basically walk sideways to avoid being blown over the edge at the top of the waterfall.

"The rain was lashing down sideways and was battering my face - it was freezing cold, and really brutal. 

"I could hardly stand up - but it was worth it. It was just amazing, one of the best things I've ever seen.

"I'd never been up there before, and to see the waterfall in those conditions, falling and also being blown back on itself, was a real bucket list moment."

Rob only stayed at the top of the waterfall for about five minutes, before returning to the warmth of his car on Wednesday.

But he said: "I'd definitely recommend people go and see it - just maybe in nicer conditions."

Kinder Scout is a moorland plateau in the Peak District - part of which is the highest point not only in the Peak District, but also in the East Midlands.