Waterfall Flows Backwards Off Cliffs of Moher Due to Strong Winds

Waterfalls at the Cliffs of Moher, Ireland, are a sight to behold on any day but when strong winds sweep over the area, the waterfalls can appear to flow backwards, as shown in a video posted to Reddit on November 4.

Garry McNabb was on a hike with friends at the Cliffs of Moher when they came across a waterfall that looked to be moving upwards instead of down toward the ocean, as expected.

McNabb recorded the video, which shows some of the waterfall spraying back up onto the cliffs, as the winds seem to push the water against its natural trajectory.

Backwards flowing waterfalls may be interesting but they are known to exist when particularly strong winds are present.

Although the weather was not all sunshines and rainbows, McNabb got to experience a rare phenomenon in a beautiful setting, which made for a scenic hike with friends. Credit: Garry McNabb via Storyful