Waterloo Road's Jamie Glover teases future for Andrew and Kim

angela griffin, jamie glover, waterloo road
Waterloo Road star on future for Andrew and KimBBC

Waterloo Road spoilers follow.

Waterloo Road returnee Jamie Glover has spoken about the possibility of a romantic twist for his character Andrew Treneman and former flame Kim Campbell.

Jamie is reprising his role as Andrew in the school drama's next series, which debuts tomorrow (May 16) on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

Former deputy head and English teacher Andrew was romantically involved with Kim during his previous stint in the show.

angela griffin, jamie glover, waterloo road

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Andrew will now be returning to the school, but producers are keeping tight-lipped about whether he's there to help Kim or stir things up.

Speaking to Digital Spy and other media about the pair's dynamic, Jamie explained: "For Andrew, I think Kim is probably the most important person in his life. Because of their history, there's been a reticence to get back in touch with her, because it's maybe too painful for both of them to stir things up.

"But in the end, the pull is inevitable. I would say that over the years they've proved to be a support for each other and I think they are in lockstep in many, many ways.

"I think there is a high likelihood that might develop into something more than professional."

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Wall To Wall/Rope Ladder Fiction/Helen Williams - BBC

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Jamie also shared his feelings about returning to the series for the first time since 2009 and working alongside Angela Griffin, who plays Kim.

He explained: "From an acting point of view, it's fantastic to be back with everybody, but particularly the wonderful Angela Griffin. You only know with a bit of career perspective that there are very few people you have great acting chemistry with.

"I felt that when I came back – it was straight back into the groove and that's not very common. I hope that translates to the screen and the viewers will agree."

andrew treneman and kim campbell in waterloo road
Wall To Wall/Rope Ladder Fiction - BBC

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On whether he had any reservations about returning, Jamie laughed: "There's always a danger with getting the band back together – is it going to be as good? But the differences seemed significant enough and the continuity of having Angela there was a major factor.

"So when I was asked, I didn't think about it for too long, actually. I thought about it, of course – I took a weekend to think about it – but it's a great job and a great show. I've worked with the executive producer Cameron Roach before and I like him very much.

"Angela told me how well the ship was being steered so it didn't take me long, really – why wouldn't you? There were enough things to make it different that made it a different job."

Waterloo Road launches its new series on Tuesday, May 16 at 8pm on BBC One, with all episodes dropping on BBC iPlayer on the same day.

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