Joe Lycett Rinsing Wayne Lineker For His ‘I Need A Girlfriend’ Instagram Post Is All You Need To See Today

If you’re not familiar with Wayne Lineker, allow us to introduce you.

He’s the multi-millionaire younger brother of former England footballer and now broadcaster Gary, who owns Ibiza’s Ocean Beach club and was behind the Lineker sports bar brand.

His name is always prefixed with ‘playboy’ in the tabloids.

Wayne Lineker (Photo: Dave J Hogan via Getty Images)
Wayne Lineker (Photo: Dave J Hogan via Getty Images)

But it seems Wayne is finally ready to settle down and is on a quest for love after he posted an ‘ad’ for a partner on Instagram on Tuesday and well, it really is quite something.

Wayne’s criteria for his new “wifey” includes having “body definition”, being able to cook and be “above 30 (Ok 28, 29 could work) but not my age as that would just look weird”.

In return he promises a world of world travel, Bentleys and use of his PA (who FYI, you should send your details to if you’re interested).

It’s fair to say that more than a few eyebrows were raised and eyeballs rolled over the 58-year-old grandad’s post…

But our favourite response came courtesy of comedian Joe Lycett who shared his own requirements in a parody post.

Joe’s criteria centered around eggs mainly. Well, not mainly, entirely. This is something we are very much on board with….

This isn’t the first time Joe has issued a response to a ridiculous celebrity PSA.

Back in March, at the start of lockdown, the comedian gathered his showbiz chums to record their very own version of John Lennon’s Imagine in response to Gal Gadot and her famous pals singing along to the classic, which went viral for all the wrong reasons.


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