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Weakest Link celebrity contestant Jennie Bond thinks WFH stands for ‘What Fish Are You’

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  • Jennie Bond
    British journalist and television presenter

The Weakest Link viewers were left in hysterics at Jennie Bond’s incorrect answer to what “WFH” stands for.

The former royal correspondent appeared as a contestant on the BBC show last night (28 December), along with fellow journalists including Sarah Smith, Kay Burley and Lucrezia Millarini.

The show’s presenter, Romesh Ranganathan, asked Bond: “In relation to employment, the abbreviation WFH usually stands for what three-word phrase?”

Bond asked Ranganathan to repeat the question before she incorrectly guessed: “What fish are you?”

The correct answer is “Working From Home”.

After the round concluded, Ranganathan expressed his delight over Bond’s answer, stating: “Wow, this is a game that keeps on giving.”

Bond explained the thinking behind her answer, responding: “I decided to bank and in banking I spoke over your first words. So it was total confusion. I didn’t know what you’d asked me, and I certainly didn’t know the answer.”

The presenter quipped: “What question did you think ‘what fish are you’ would be the answer to?”

After Bond was voted out of the game, the 71-year-old admitted that the mistake will “haunt me for a long time”.

She added: “I do know what it stands for. My brain was a blur. Don’t ask me why I said, ‘What fish are you.’ I mean, I don’t know what I’m talking about.”

Last night’s episode was won by Matt Allwright, who earned £12,700 for his chosen charity, Launch Pad Reading. 

The Weakest Link airs on Wednesdays at 6.30pm on BBC One. 

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