‘Wear a bloody mask,’ urges Brian Blessed in coronavirus campaign

Tom Horton, PA
·1-min read

Brian Blessed has co-written and narrated an illustrated digital storybook titled Wear A Bloody Mask.

The story aims to share a public health message with adults about the importance of wearing face coverings in order to stop the spread of coronavirus.

The book features scenarios in which people are required to wear a mask and warns those flouting the rules.

(Wise Protec/PA)
(Wise Protec/PA)

The book, which is available online, was produced by mask manufacturer Wise Protec and Blessed.

The Flash Gordon actor, 84, said: “Like so many others, my friends, family and my wife have been affected by the pandemic.

“Wearing a bloody mask is such a simple thing, but it is essential to protect ourselves and each other during this pandemic.

“It’s absolutely baffling to me why people still don’t follow the Government requirements and wear a mask – even though they know the risks of Covid-19.

(Wise Protec/PA)
(Wise Protec/PA)

“It’s a gigantically important message that we are looking to drive home with Wise Protec.

“We want to give the mask-averse a big old shake and tell them to get that mask over their mouth and nose.

“We hope we’ve done it in a way that resonates with the British sense of humour.”

The online book features cartoon images of Blessed wearing a face covering in public places.

The story contains lines such as: “The shops are full of people, I know it’s a lot to ask, but don’t be a nitwit, please wear a bloody mask.”