New Year weather: London set for wet start to 2023 with showers forecast

London’s annual firework display is back after a two-year hiatus. (Getty Images)
London’s annual firework display is back after a two-year hiatus. (Getty Images)

The New Year is likely to not get off to a bright start for Londoners, with wind and rain forecast for Saturday night.

Forecasters have warned that driving conditions could be more challenging in the next few days while England and Wales are expected to feel blasts of 40mph winds.

Temperatures are likely to be mild, however, on New Year’s Eve - which is set to see thousands of Londoners return to the streets for fireworks after two years blighted by Covid-19.

The Met Office has encouraged drivers, who are planning to take to the road over the next few days, to check before they travel with conditions likely to stay “unsettled”.

Greg Dewhurst, a forecaster from the agency, told the Telegraph on Wednesday: “There may be heavy rain, so some tricky driving conditions across England and Wales on higher ground.

“Transpennine routes could find there are some tricky driving conditions, for example. And there will be some blustery showers tomorrow, so it will be difficult if you get caught in a shower as it reduces visibility first.”

The Met Office has said it will likely remain “unsettled” across the UK for the rest of the year with outbreaks of rain and stronger winds likely.

“The main theme is that it is on the mild side for many,” said Mr Dewhurst. “The best message for everywhere to expect some heavy rain throughout the weekend and some stronger winds.”

Yellow, be aware, warnings are in place for Scotland on Wednesday and for parts of south west England and wales for Thursday at points.

Temperatures in London are likely to be around 12C at their peak into next week.