Weather: Londoners bask in 26C on hottest weekend of the year

Weather: Londoners bask in 26C on hottest weekend of the year

Londoners are enjoying a sunny afternoon with 2024's record temperatures forecast to hit 26C on Saturday.

After Friday's year-high of 25C and the rare sighting of the Northern Lights above the capital, the weather continues to be a spectacle.

Craig Snell, of the Met Office, said: “For most of us it will be a pleasant afternoon.

“Highs are easily reaching the 20s, especially in the south east.

“Into the evening it will be clear skies for most - it will make another excellent opportunity to get a look at the Northern Lights.

“For all of us it will be a mild night.”

The warm weather has allowed many Londoners the chance to bask in the heat, with sunbathing observed in the Royal Parks and beyond.

“The sun is shining, the skies are clear, let’s get out and enjoy the summer,” the London Eye account tweeted.

Sam Missingham added: “London is the best city in the whole world when the sun shines.”

The warmer weather, according to Met Office meteorologist Alex Burkill, is a result of high pressure that has hung over the UK for the majority of this week.

The hot weather has, however, a downside and Londoners have been alerted to the danger of higher UV and pollen levels.

Sunday is also set to be warm with highs of 25C.

The Met Office said the weather would change from Monday and return to “unsettled and showery” conditions, with rainfall “above average” in many parts of the country.

Temperatures will fall to an average of between 17C-18C in London from Tuesday.