Weather map forecasts 25C temperatures as Brits await 'super' heatwave

A weather map
-Credit: (Image: ventusky)

A weather map is lighting up red with temperatures set to reach up to 25C amid an imminent "super heatwave". Forecasters at InMeteo say 25C temperatures will hit in several areas of the UK by Thursday, June 20.

The map shows hot weather is set to head our way in Coventry, with the Midlands scheduled for warm weather. The Mirror reports that the majority of Southeast England is covered in the red shade on the map, with South London and parts of Surrey the warmest.

It is set to be at least 20C for most of England and Wales, although it is likely to be colder in Northern Ireland and Scotland.

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However, the Met Office said "signals are weak" around the long-term picture due to conditions being rather fresh across the UK, with temperatures no greater than over 25C on Thursday. But another forecaster is predicting a sizzling "super heatwave" to hit the UK, with temperatures to soar into the "high 30s".

On that latter forecast, the UK is bracing for its first 30C heatwave of the year, and meteorologists suggest the mercury could go even higher. James Madden from Exacta Weather said: "Major heatwave or super heatwave still on target for mid-summer, plus proof of our previous correct forecasts for major heat events (Summer 2018, June 2023, September 2023)."

He added: "Our earlier high-confidence forecast for a major heatwave or super heatwave is still on target to develop in or around mid-July for the UK and Ireland, and temperatures could still reach as high as the mid to high 30C mark at the peak of this.

"With the prospects of a potential super heatwave on the cards during this summer, we can take a look back at our correct several-month and week-ahead forecasts for summer 2018 (the equal hottest summer on record) and the exact timing of the heatwaves and a heatwave of 'epic proportions' on our part, in addition to calling 'the hottest summer ever'.

For today, Coventry will be mostly sunny and dry by the afternoon with sunny spells, with a maximum temperature of 17C. Tonight will be breezy but with winds easing overnight, with a minimum temperature of 4C.

Here is the Met Office outlook for Coventry over the next few days:


A bright but chilly start, with cloud thickening through the morning, though largely dry with rain arriving in the north by late evening. Maximum temperature 16 °C.

Outlook for Monday to Wednesday:

Staying cool with a northerly breeze and a mixture of sunny spells and showers over the next few days. Showers turning lighter on Wednesday.

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