Weather maps show UK will hit 25C with Birmingham at heart of heatwave

Weather maps
-Credit: (Image: (Image: WXCharts))

Temperatures are set to soar to 25C in the UK in the coming days - and Birmingham will find itself at the centre of the heatwave. WXCharts have predicted a warming trend, turning yellow to signify the possible rise in temperatures.

Thunderstorms have hit the region today, meaning things have got wet - and there is more rain in the air. However, WXCharts is forecasting "summer-like" weather in a matter of days.

According to the forecasted charts dated June 5, regions including Birmingham and Manchester could enjoy balmy conditions as temperatures are set to climb to 23C. Jim Dale with British Weather Services said it might edge up to 25C in the following days.

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He said: "It seems there is some high pressure coming into the western UK as we change months in a couple of days."

The upturn in June will even benefit the coldest part of the UK - Scotland. Drier climes are also expected up north in the Scottish Highlands. The maps project that locales around Wick and Inverness might hit a comfortable 21C.

Mr Dale anticipates temperature boosts from southern Europe as well, noting: "We may also get some kind of push from the south, so the likes of Spain, Italy, and southern France will also start warming up. The warmth from these areas seems to be moving in our direction."

He concluded: "We cut off the Atlantic from the rain side of things and we go drier, sunnier, and warmer by the next weekend. 23C in the south is absolutely possible, probably more like 25C in some cases."

"It does look like we are coming out of the highly interchangeable wet weather and going towards something drier and warmer, and far more summer-like."

"We will see in the next few days whether or not we get consistent with that and by the middle of the week, we can be very sure of the summer weather."

The Met Office's long-range forecast for the period between May 31 and June 9 reads: "Showers are possible in the southeast on Friday, otherwise the UK will mainly experience dry weather with sunny spells, and it will feel warm with light winds for most."

"By the weekend, the weather will become more settled as high pressure builds in from the west. A few showers could still develop, particularly in the north, but for many, it will be a dry weekend with spells of warm sunshine."

"This fair weather is likely to continue for a few days into the following week, but thereafter the outlook becomes more uncertain."