Weather maps show weekend washout for Wales as Met Office explains why

It may be officially summer but no-one has told the weather as this weekend looks set to keep the unsettled and cool theme. There has even been a weather warning for rain issued for parts of north Wales.

The Met Office has explained that it is all because the jet stream is firmly to the south of the UK meaning that low pressure is in charge. They say this weekend will be "changeable and cooler than average with much of the UK seeing rain at some point".

It is not just in Wales as most parts of the UK will see some showers at some point with perhaps some heavy and thundery ones, especially on Sunday, the forecasting agency has warned. The forecasters do say, however, there will be some sunny spells on offer meaning it could feel fairly pleasant in between the showers, with temperatures possibly peaking around 18-19°C.

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The Met Office forecast for Wales on Saturday says: "A mixed start to the weekend with early rain clearing to sunny spells interspersed with blustery showers, some heavy and possibly thundery. Feeling cool with below-average temperatures for July. Maximum temperature 17°C.

"Showers easing through the evening to leave a largely dry night though some beginning to push back into southwestern coasts from dawn. Feeling cool under clear spells with light winds. Minimum temperature 10°C."

Met Office weather maps for Wales this weekend:

This is noon on Saturday:

-Credit:Met Office
-Credit:Met Office

Looking brighter and sunnier by 4pm on Saturday:

Sunday will start off very wet in the southeast of Wales. This is the map at 10am:

Still a lot of showers around at 2pm:

-Credit:Met Office
-Credit:Met Office

The Met Office forecast for Wales on Sunday says: "Sunday sees further scattered showers developing, some again heavy and potentially thundery. A decent number of sunny spells in between but temperatures slightly below average for July. Maximum temperature 17°C."

A warning for rain has been issued for parts of north Wales on Sunday morning. The warning, which is in place between 4am and 10am, states: "A band of slow-moving heavy showers is expected to feed inland during Sunday morning. Whilst some places will only see some rain, a few places may see 30-40 mm in two to three hours."

Thousands of people will be heading to Swansea this weekend for the Wales Airshow. Weather-wise BBC Wales presenter Derek Brockway says: "Expect showers, some of them heavy with a risk of thunder. Some dry spells and sunshine in the mix as well. Breezy on Saturday with a high of 16°C."

Into next week and the Met Office says Monday is likely to continue in a similar vein to Sunday although showers are likely to be fewer and further between for many areas with the heaviest ones becoming confined to parts of Scotland. However thickening cloud and outbreaks of rain are likely to arrive across the southwest of the UK during Monday heralding a spell of "more widely unsettled conditions for most parts of the UK". The forecaster added: "Temperatures are most likely to be around or a little below average for the time of year although some warmer conditions are possible in the southeast at times."