'Sexist' High Street Prices Revealed

'Sexist' High Street Prices Revealed

Retail bosses may face questioning by MPs after an investigation revealed high street shops are charging women up to twice as much as men for similar products.

Hundreds of items were analysed for the study which found that women’s clothes, toys, and beauty items were on average 37% more expensive.

The gender price gap was found at some of Britain's biggest retailers, including Tesco, Boots and Amazon.

Chairwoman of the Women and Equalities Committee, Maria Miller, said: "Retailers need to explain how they can be charging such different prices for items which look identical.

"It's an excellent piece of research and it's something which the committee will be considering whether we should take further.

"This is just the sort of thing the Women and Equalities Select Committee can consider and make sure that in this instance retailers are made to account for what appears to be price discrimination based on sex."

In one case, The Times Newspaper revealed Tesco charged double the price for 10 pink disposable razors as it did for men's razors.

The study also found Levi’s 501 jeans for women were around 46% more expensive than the men's version.

Boys’ underpants were the only example of a male item priced higher - but there were dozens of examples where the female prices were higher, according the the research.

Mrs Miller said: "I think many women will understand the point that is being made, particularly when it comes to clothing and toiletries.

"Sometimes the difference in price is noticeable, but I think an independent piece of research like this, an investigative piece of journalism, has really shone a spotlight on how widespread this problem appears to be," she said.