Ian Hughes
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We're not wanting to start 2013 on a downer, but as the hangovers clear this morning, some people might be looking back on the past couple of weeks with more than just a sore head to worry about.

The past year was cause for celebration on many levels and it's over the festive season that police the world over see a spike in violent crimes, particularly against women and particularly sexual assaults.

Alcohol is often a factor, especially over Christmas and New Year and so this time round, the Met Police decided to launch a new website,, giving people a step-by-step guide to what to do if they think they've been a victim, or know somebody who has.

It's very clear, very easy to use, and will immediately get people thinking the right way about what may or may not have happened to them.

This is a bold move, and one that everybody hopes will help the countless thousands of people who are assaulted and don't report their experiences.

If the worst happens, this is one place to come.

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