Wedding Couple Delayed as Flash Floods Damage Alaska Highway

A spectacular video published to Facebook captured the moment when flooding caused a road to collapse in Bear Creek, Alaska, on July 11, leaving the area “impassable.”

The footage, recorded by Jada Schultz, shows the road collapsing at Milepost 233.5 of the Richardson Highway, south of Delta Junction.

“My partner and I were driving down to Palmer for our wedding,” Schultz told Storyful. She said that the couple were informed that the road had been washed out, but stuck to their itinerary as they were pressed for time.

“Once we reached Bear Creek, the truck in front of us stopped and told us we shouldn’t keep going. We both got out to take a look and immediately started videoing. I happened to just be videoing this insane flash flood when a piece of the bridge slipped away right in front of us.”

The Alaska Department of Transportation (DOT) tweeted that crews were working on repairing the damage.

The road remained closed as of the time of publication, according to officials.

Schultz told Storyful having to detour around the washout added hours to their trip, but they were still able to tie the knot. She said they got to her parents’ house at 4 am that night, then “got up at 8 am the next morning for all things wedding!” Credit: Jada Schultz via Storyful

Video transcript


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