Wedding photographer looks closely at shots of bride’s ring and makes horrifying discovery: ‘What on earth’

A wedding photographer scrolling through her camera made a shocking discovery on a bride’s big day — and the heart-stopping footage is going viral.

Laura Palacios (@laurapalaciosphoto) garnered over 12.5 million views, 595,000 likes and 600 comments when she shared her wedding ring fiasco with her followers.

While we’ve seen shocking wedding photos go viral in the past — like the bride who zoomed in on her wedding photos and noticed something was very “off” between the groom and her bridesmaid — Laura’s viral photos might have brides everywhere clutching their rings on their big day.

Unlike the bride who was shocked to discover her engagement ring was secretly hiding pieces of her very own front tooth, Laura’s wedding ring mystery involves a gold band with, well, nothing on it at all.

“Scrolling back through the camera still at the wedding and seeing…” Laura’s video begins.

In the photos, Laura starts on a nice-looking shot of the bride and groom feeding one another a slice of cake. But as Laura zooms in, it’s clear something is off about the bride’s ring.

She cuts to other shots of the bride’s ring — but again and again, she notices the same thing: The huge diamond is missing.

“DID YOU FIND IT?” TikTok user @singleinsweats cried anxiously in the comments.

To this, Laura responded with a follow-up video, which garnered over 774,000 views.

Thanks to one eagle-eyed venue employee (after what looks to be a very intense search), the diamond was recovered — much to the relief of the bride (who had still somehow managed to celebrate with her guests).

“the most iconic cool and collected bride & groom ever. And shout out to @winegardennbv (the venue) employee who found it wedged between the slats of the dance floor,” Laura wrote in the follow-up video’s caption.

‘was it grasping onto hopes and dreams!?’

TikTokers were shocked by Laura’s nearly tragic tale.

“Oh no! Always make sure the diamond is set in platinum, it’s usually what jewelers use for the prongs,” commented @super_novaaah.

“no prongs!? was it grasping onto hopes and dreams!?” wrote @g00fygoobergabs.

“During engagement photos one time my brides ring FLEW off her hand and got ran over by a car!! Thankfully, we found it and minimal damage,” shared

Luckily, Laura’s video ended happily for her bride — and will hopefully remind viewers to always make sure their prongs are good and tight!

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