This week’s best home entertainment: from Feel Good to Westworld

Feel Good

Comedian Mae Martin joins the ranks of Larry David and Abby McEnany with this take on the scripted, semi-autobiographical series. Playing a far less successful standup than in real life, Martin falls for the seemingly perfect George (Charlotte Ritchie) and it looks as if she may have finally found joy. But that’s before her past rears its head.
Wednesday 18 March, 10pm, Channel 4

Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness

The producers of the Fyre festival documentary bring us an altogether darker narrative in this series. Probing the murky underworld of big cat trading, our tiger king is the breeder Joe Exotic, who is currently serving 22 years in jail.
From Friday 20 March, Netflix

Bizarre love triangle… Trigonometry. Photograph: Mark Johnson


This unusual and unexpectedly endearing drama centres on the development of a thrupple – a three-person relationship –between a French newcomer to London, Ray (Ariane Labed) and couple Gemma and Kieran who invite her to live with them as a lodger. Directed by indie film-maker Athina Rachel Tsangari, it is a beguiling take on young love.
Sunday 15 March, 10pm, BBC Two

My Death Row Pen Pal

This fascinating three-part podcast explores the reasons why 29-year-old Mancunian Rebekah chose to start writing to a man imprisoned for life on death row more than 4,000 miles away. Her ultimate decision to travel to Texas to meet the convict makes for a riveting listen.

Taking Control: The Dominic Cummings Story

Anointed into the upper echelons of power by Boris Johnson and his new government, Dominic Cummings has now become one of the most important men in British politics. Emily Maitlis looks into the man known for his low threshold for rigour, scrutiny or aesthetics, going beyond the Benedict Cumberbatch impersonation in this documentary special.
Wednesday 18 March, 9pm, BBC Two


Sentient pleasure robots and existentially self-questioning humans abound in this dystopian thriller, now entering its third season. With the Westworld theme park on the brink of destruction, it seems the fabric of humanity hangs in the balance.
Monday 16 March, 9pm, Sky Atlantic

The Letter for the King

Andy Serkis and his daughter Ruby star in Netflix’s latest fantasy epic, which comes hot on the heels of The Witcher’s success. Based on the bestselling Dutch novel, it tells the story of a brave young knight who must deliver the titular letter to the king, navigating a medieval bounty of dangers along the way.
From Friday 20 March, Netflix

The English Game

Downton Abbey’s Julian Fellowes scripts this six-part drama on the history of that most British of sports: football. It is the 1870s and two keen players on opposite sides of the pitch and class divide find themselves coming together to bring what was invented as an upper-class gentleman’s sport to the masses. Top hats and tackles abound.
From Friday 20 March, Netflix

I Wish
Brother beyond… I Wish. Photograph: Shutterstock

I Wish

There are shades of the mighty Yasujirō Ozu about Hirokazu Kore-eda’s poignant and uplifting Japanese drama of family life. It is the story of little brothers Koichi and Ryu, whose parents are splitting up. The only way to heal the rift, the boys believe, is to make a wish at the magic moment when two of Japan’s new high-speed bullet trains pass each other …
Tuesday 17 March, 1.20am, Film4

Self Made: Inspired By the Life of Madam CJ Walker

The groundbreaking tale of Madam CJ Walker – the black haircare entrepreneur who was America’s first self-made female millionaire – is reimagined in this inspirational new series starring Octavia Spencer and Tiffany Haddish. Spencer’s titular character announces that she wants to be “as big as Carnegie, Ford and Rockefeller put together”.
From Friday 20 March, Netflix