The week in patriarchy: should we prepare for the worst on abortion? | Jessica Valenti

Jessica Valenti
‘Women are already being punished for trying to procure abortions.’ Photograph: Pool/Getty Images

Happy Friday! Our president thought his job would be easier, his daughter’s company pays Chinese workers about a dollar per hour, and Americans are terrible at estimating just how bad the “fake news” problem is right now.

Well if that doesn’t do it for you, consider that we’re now in a place where we need to start thinking about what to do if abortion becomes illegal. Irin Carmon at The Washington Post has a must-read piece about the way women are already being punished for trying to procure abortions, and what dangers may lay ahead as the procedure becomes even more difficult to obtain. This is our new reality - preparing for the worst.

Glass Half Full

If you’re feeling down about the millions Bill O’Reilly got to leave despite his years alleged of sexual harassment, consider this good news: his protege Jesse Watters took an abrupt “vacation” this week after making a lewd comment about the way Ivanka Trump was holding a microphone. Here’s hoping it’s a long holiday.

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Margaret Sullivan on the media’s first 100 days; Soraya Nadia McDonald on race in The Handmaid’s Tale; Bryce Covert on why abortion is an economic issue; and Shireen Ahmed on the racism & sexism Serena Williams faces.

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Hulu’s adaptation of The Handmaid’s Tale is a must-watch, not just because of its timeliness - but because of the way it surfaces women’s fear of what everyday sexism really means.

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Vox lays out why Bill O’Reilly leaving Fox doesn’t do much for the network’s bigger sexism problem

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At a time when I’m usually at a full 8, this McSweeney’s piece brought be back to a manageable 5.

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A little more joyful with the knowledge that female dragonflies will sometimes fake sudden death to avoid unwanted male advances. Sheroes.