'My weight ballooned to a size 4XL after years of fussy eating'

Andy before his weight loss
-Credit: (Image: Slimming World)

A man has showed off his life-changing weight loss after he managed to lose over six stones in just seven months with Slimming World.

Andy, 59, from Tingley, achieved his dream weight after years of being a "picky eater" and developing a restrictive diet which saw him balloon to a size XL.

Andy said he used to avoid having photos taken and looking in the mirror but now following his incredible weight loss transformation he is feeling more confident than ever and loving life and food in a way he never has before.

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He said: “I was avoiding having my photo taken and looking in the mirror as all I could see was a fat bloke staring back at me.

"The realisation that my clothes size had increased to 4XL was the catalyst to do something about it and I joined Slimming World along with my partner. I have always been a fussy eater and there were lots of foods I refused to eat. I just stuck to what I knew."

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But all of this has changed for Andy since joining his local Slimming World group. He has discovered so many new foods and comforting recipes. Knowing that nothing is off limits means Andy can try and enjoy lots of different meals he never thought he’d like.

He found that work tasks and every day activities like walking the dog had become difficult. His loud snoring also hindered sleep for him and his partner. Now, he can go for long walks, his snoring is almost non-existent and he feels both physically and mentally much better.

Andy after his weight loss transformation
Andy after his weight loss transformation -Credit:Slimming World

Andy continued: “When I made a firm commitment to myself to lose weight and to create a new healthy lifestyle for myself, I also made a decision to stop drinking.

"I understood from my consultant that if I did want to still enjoy a drink, I could as Food Optimising was completely flexible and tailored to me. However, I decided that for me, this was something I could happily live without.

"It’s great to know that I can make my own choices and decisions around what works for me. The motivation and support I found in my group has made such a huge difference to my enjoyment of learning about healthy eating and to making new habits that become normal over time. I've always loved that time each week to catch up with the other members and share ideas and tips and cheer each other along. I still enjoy attending group as a Target member."

Diane, Andy’s consultant, said: "Getting to know Andy has been such a joy and privilege. His many discoveries each week of the new foods he tried and how he'd incorporated them into his meals and snacks was so great to hear.

"His weekly success was so inspiring to everyone, and he is always happy to share ideas or advice to help others. Walking through the doors of your Slimming World group can feel daunting and especially if you've never been before.

"Many men believe it’s not for them however, it absolutely is. Andy just threw himself into group and just never looked back. He looks incredible and is truly winning at life".

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