Weinstein attorney complains rival lawyer is being ‘horrible’ to her

Clémence Michallon
Harvey Weinstein leaves court with his attorney Donna Rotunno on 19 February 2020 in New York City: Jeenah Moon/Getty Images

Harvey Weinstein’s leading defence attorney has accused a rival lawyer of being “horrible” to her.

Donna Rotunno, one of the most high-profile members of Weinstein’s legal team, voiced her complaints in court on Friday.

According to Variety, Rotunno addressed Judge James Burke before the jury entered the room on its fourth day of deliberations.

Rotunno alleged that Gloria Allred, who represents three women who have taken the witness stand in the trial, has been making statements about her to the media.

“Miss Allred feels the need to go out on a daily basis to attack me, which is fine. She can attack me whenever she wants,” Rotunno said, according to Page Six.

“However, she’s announcing to the media that I have to leave to attend a funeral. I think it’s out of line and unprofessional.”

She added: “[Allred] doesn’t care that it’s wrong and it’s horrible behavior.”

Allred reportedly disputed Rotunno’s claims during her own exchange with the attorney, telling her: “You are out of control! I did not say that! Once again, you are distorting the facts!”

Judge Burke warned Rotunno earlier this week not to speak to the press until the jury has reached a verdict.

The warning came after Rotunno published an opinion piece about the case for Newsweek, in which she wrote in part: “I implore the members of this jury to do what they know is right and was expected of them from the moment they were called upon to serve their civic duty in a court of law.”

The opinion piece was published after a controversial interview in which Rotunno said she had never been sexually assaulted because she had never put herself in a “position” to be attacked.

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