Welcome to the Future: Your Pet Can Now Have a Robot Best Friend Designed to Entertain Her

The year is 2019. You can get slippers that look your pet and leggings for your dog. And now, you can get your furry best friend his or her own robot buddy.

The VAVA mobile pet cam is a new creation that recently reached its full funding on IndieGoGo, which means it’s in production and can be in your living room soon.

Like other pet cams on the market, VAVA’s gadget can show live video of your pet at home on your phone through a linked app. It can also, like similar creations, throw treats and provide two-way audio for you to talk to your pet.

What sets VAVA’s camera apart is that it can also become a friend to your fur baby, because this camera can move. Equipped with treads that allow it to travel across all household surfaces and a long-lasting battery, the camera — under a pet owner’s control — can follow a cat or dog from room to room, dispensing treats and entertaining the pet with its built-in laser pointer or teaser attachments.

VAVA is marketing the little robot (with a face that looks straight out of Pixar’s Wall-E) as “Peace of Mind on Wheels” and claims the moving camera can help calm pets who suffer from separation anxiety.

The hope is that this camera and all of its bells and whistles keep your pet entertained and distracted from the reality that you are out of the house. Just try not to get jealous if your pet still wants to hang out with its new robot best friend, even when you are home.

Fully funded through IndieGoGo, the VAVA mobile pet camera is now available for $149 through preorder.

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