A welcome pitch invasion - Spanish football fans shower field with toys for kids

Fans of Spanish La Liga club Real Betis have kept up with their annual gift-giving tradition and showered their pitch with 14,000 toys for disadvantaged children.

During the final home game of the year in Seville, supporters are encouraged to bring a soft toy and as the referee whistles for half-time, sprinkle the grass with them.

The Real Betis Foundation, which runs the events, has already begun delivering the gifts to different charities and associations in the city and will continue to distribute them both nationally and internationally over the coming weeks and months.

Among the recipients who have already received toys are the Spanish Commission for Refugee Assistance and children who are beneficiaries of a project supported by the Foundation in Equatorial Guinea led by ex-player Benjamín Zarandona.

In a Tweet, the club thanked all the fans who took part, describing the moment as "spectacular".