Well-to-do Russians have a new internet challenge that has them sprawled out looking dead


#FallingStars2018 is sweeping over Russia, but will it make its way to the rich and bored of America? (Photo: @fallingstarschallenge via Instagram)

Remembering planking? It was the very brief internet craze in which people would take photos of others lying perfectly straight and still, face down, in weird locations?

#FallingStars2018 is a lot like planking, except rich people are best at it because they have the means to really sell the image. Another way it’s different from planking? It appears that those involved in the photos are pretending to be dead.

The superwealthy of Russia are sharing their best fake fatal falls on Instagram, often employing private jets or luxury vehicles to really impress, and then nominating their friends and followers to do the same.

It appears that even American model Arizona Muse has joined in on the macabre fun, posting a photo of her body seemingly chucked out of a DHL van.

Miss Ukraine contestant Catherine Ramos opted for a shot of herself less-than-gracefully falling down the steps of a private jet. 

Personally, I love this trend. If there’s one thing I excel at, it’s falling on my own face and having a good cry. Might as well get a couple of social media likes while I’m at it, right?

The only question that remains is why the elite of Russia would choose to dirty what I assume is designer clothing while they pose on the ground like some common rube?

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