Wells Adams Has Some Advice For Bachelor In Paradise’s John Henry Spurlock, After His Ex Olivia Lewis Avoided Elimination

 Olivia Lewis and John Henry Spurlock on Bachelor in Paradise.
Olivia Lewis and John Henry Spurlock on Bachelor in Paradise.

Bachelor in Paradise’s ninth season has seen quite a few love triangles form between its Bachelor Nation cast members, and John Henry Spurlock in particular seems to have found himself in a sticky situation in recent episodes. The underwater welder from Charity Lawson’s season of The Bachelorette got caught in the middle of Kat Izzo and Olivia Lewis — two of Season 9’s strongest personalities — who were both fighting for his rose in the latest episode of the tropical spinoff. Bartender Wells Adams often has words for wisdom to dispel, and I couldn’t agree more with his advice for John Henry going forward.

It looked like Olivia Lewis was done for in the November 9 episode, when John Henry Spurlock broke things off with her to pursue a relationship with Kat Izzo. However, a shocking, last-second self-elimination by Becca Serrano left Brayden Bowers with a free rose to dole out, and he decided to keep Olivia around. EW asked Wells Adams how exactly John Henry Spurlock is expected to explore things with Kat when a scorned Olivia is still sharing the beach with them, and the bartender’s advice was this:

I'm not sure if this one is in my Paradise handbook. I think what he did was good. He pulled her aside and apologized the best he could. Now I'd suggest staying as far away from Olivia as humanly possible.

Wells Adams is spot-on here in my opinion. There’s been quite a bit of animosity between Kat Izzo and Olivia Lewis, and a clear lack of mutual respect. John Henry Spurlock was honest with Olivia about his intentions to give his rose to Kat, and now the best thing he can do is focus on the new relationship while staying far, far away from Olivia.

It’s no wonder why Wells Adams is able to give such sage advice to the young singles. Before becoming the Paradise bartender, he was a contestant on both The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise. He’s now married to Modern Family alum Sarah Hyland, so his days of reality TV dating are far behind him, but I’m sure he has a keen eye for what’s going down in Mexico between the current contestants — when he’s not getting “so mad” about having to clean up after them, anyway.

As for the drama between Kat Izzo and Olivia Lewis — who were introduced to Bachelor Nation on Zach Shallcross’ season of The Bachelor — they’ve both been involved in plenty of the BIP Season 9 drama so far. Olivia was involved in an early love triangle with Kylee Russell and Will Urena, before briefly dating Peter Cappio and then moving on to John Henry Spurlock. Kat Izzo, meanwhile, has faced “homie hopping” accusations, after leaving Brayden Bowers for Tanner Courtad and then basically stealing John Henry from Olivia.

All’s fair in love and Paradise, and there’s plenty of battles left to fight this season — especially with Olivia Lewis being granted a reprieve. Be sure to tune in to Bachelor in Paradise at 9 p.m. ET Thursdays on ABC. Episodes can also be streamed the next day with a Hulu subscription, and you can see what else is coming soon with our 2023 TV schedule.