Welsh Drummer in Lockdown Plays With Brass Band Using Food as Percussion

Even though the drummer of the six-man brass band Year of the Dog – widely recognized for their music in the Netflix show Sex Education – was separated from his drums and his bandmates during lockdown, he kept the beat in a Zoom single using food.

The band, based in Cardiff, Wales, used Zoom to record a single in April called She Makes Me Feel. Percussionist Luke Hartley used everything from a hairbrush to cereal boxes to onions and carrots to play his part, given that he was without a set of drums. “Nothing short of genius occurs when a drummer has no drum kit,” the band wrote in a Facebook post accompanying the video.

Lead singer and guitarist Felix Lindsell-Hales took only one day to put everyone’s parts together, with Jacob Prescott on bass, Daniel Hall on trumpet, Olly Jenkins on saxophone, and Peter Richards on bass trombone.

The self-proclaimed “raucous six-piece with an original concoction of indie-ska, funk, and soul” is featured on the Netflix show Sex Education, which debuted an original song in the third episode.

The band is set to release an EP on May 22. Credit: Year of the Dog via Storyful

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