'I went for a festive lunch at a gorgeous independent café in south east London'

The Table in Southwark <i>(Image: Immy Share, Newsquest)</i>
The Table in Southwark (Image: Immy Share, Newsquest)

For someone who isn’t from London, I love both how festive the capital feels around this time of year, and I also never get rid of that starstruck feeling of its landmarks.

I went for a pre-Christmas catch up lunch with my friend at The Table in Southwark, which is easy to get to with its links to Southwark, London Bridge and Blackfriars stations.

It’s a cute, independent all-day restaurant which has a mix of healthy options and indulgent treats.

As we walked towards the café, all we could see were the queues which spiralled outside the door and along the street.

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News Shopper:

We wondered, and actually hoped, they were for The Table, as that must have meant its good, and they were, so with a booking we were a little bit smug bypassing all those waiting to get to the good food.

The café is festively decorated and is a warm, snug place where staff are friendly and the smell of cooking warms the soul.

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My friend and I sat by the window and I had an incredible view, like a movie, of The Shard.

We ordered hot drinks, myself a hot chocolate and my friend a coffee, and I also had a fresh apple juice.

There’s both a festive brunch menu and a classic brunch menu on at the moment, so we had a look at both.

The Christmas brunch menu comes with mimosas and some starter bits to share such as smoked salmon, chestnut falafel and pigs in blankets, mains are festive twists on classic breakfasts, pancakes and some Christmas burgers.

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We went for a bit of both and had a breakfast which is on offer on both the classic and festive menu.

My friend had scrambled eggs, smoked salmon and spinach, and I had scrambled eggs, avocado and spinach.

They were delicious, big portions, and made with evidently fresh ingredients.

The table next to us had some incredible-looking pancakes and waffles, and had the breakfast not have been so decently sized and filling, I definitely would have indulged in those too.

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We shared some hash browns on the side which were hot and fluffy, and we came away knowing we’d eaten some really good food, in an independent café which has gorgeous interior and a lovely feel to it.