We went to Morrisons to try the crisps that remind us of being on holiday

Lay's crisps
-Credit: (Image: Hannah Rees)

A brand of crisps that are known as a popular holiday snack are currently on sale in the UK.

Lay's are a staple to many people's holiday snack selections, and thanks to Morrisons, people no longer have to travel far to enjoy a "taste of holiday." The supermarket stock bags of Lay's in their international food aisle, at a cost of £2.30.

Two out of the four flavours, Barbeque and Paprika, are available to buy in Morrisons stores across the UK. The Margherita Pizza Hut and Green Onion flavours were bought from Nisa Express on Old Hall Street in Liverpool city centre at £2.99 per pack.

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Some of the Liverpool ECHO newsroom tried four flavours of the crisps, to decide which came out on top as favourite.


Average rating: 2/5

The paprika flavour were the least favourite in the taste test. Kate McMullin thought they were "a little underwhelming but pleasant," whereas Hannah Rees "didn't think they had much flavour."

Steve Graves said: "Paprika crisps are the most disappointing part of any trip to Europe. Why not just make actually spicy, tasty crisps rather than throwing a bit of inoffensive redness on them and hoping for the best? Just too bland for me."

Paul Philbin said: "Paprika crisp always disappoints and this was the same with Lays. They just feel like something is missing and I crave a glass of water after the dry feeling that leaves in my mouth."


Average rating: 4/5

The barbeque flavour were a favourite flavour within the newsroom.

Paul McAuley said: "I was gutted when Walker's discontinued its BBQ flavour but knew I could rely on Lays to pull me out of my rut with its BBQ ribs flavouring. I would struggle to tell the difference between the two if they were placed in front of me."

Courtney Eales said: "I have been a fan of BBQ crisp for years and was disappointed when Walkers discontinued their version so I hoped BBQ Lays would be as flavoursome. The first impression was the strong smell of BBQ which was very appetising. They tasted amazing too I would definitely buy them if I seen them in the shop. I could have finished the whole bag in one sitting."

Pizza Hut Margherita

Average rating: 2.5/5

These were a mixed bag, pardon the pun. Paul McAuley thinks they "taste exactly like a margarita pizza," whereas Hannah Rees didn't like their "artificial taste."

Paul Philbin said: "They don't taste like Pizza Hut or a margarita in fact. But probably the Lays that taste most like 'holiday'. I don't know what the flavour should be, but would score higher if they were named after the flavour I can't put my finger on."

Kate McMullin added: "I was hesitant to try these crisps as I think a lot of the time crisp brands that profess their product tastes like a certain dish fall short of delivering. However, I was very pleasantly surprised with these. I felt like I could taste the individual ingredients that go into a margarita pizza. There was a great hint of the tomato puree base, then I was hit with a mix of herbs that perfectly accompanied the tomato and then lastly enjoyed the subtle taste of a mild cheddar. Big fan."

Green Onion

Average rating: 4/5

The green onion flavour were another strong contender in the newsroom.

Gary Stewart said: "I quite like a cheese and onion crisp and this was a decent take on the classic - oniony but with a bit more bite. Also pleasingly crispy after the slightly soft pizza-flavoured crisp I'd just scoffed."

Steve Graves added: "I started strong with these absolute winners. Sometimes onion doesn't need cheese to shine, and these punchy, crunchy delights are the proof."

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