I went to see Romesh Ranganathan at Utilita Arena Birmingham and laughed so much my face hurt

Romesh Ranganathan
-Credit: (Image: Andy Hollingworth Archives)

One of the most likeable - and sarcastic - men in comedy had the sold-out Utilita Arena in stitches as Romesh Ranganathan brought his Hustle tour to Birmingham. You know Romesh.

If you don't know the name, you'd immediately recognise him. He would make a joke about his eye at this point.

You will have seen him on TV as he's everywhere these days. The Weakest Link, A League of Their Own, even his own travel show. Even he said when he sees himself in the mirror he wants to turn the channel over.

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That sort of self-depreciating humour provides an insight into Romesh's set at the Utilita on Thursday evening, which was basically a list of complaints and irritations about life from the comic's unique perspective.

It was a fantastic evening from a comedian who is right up there with the best. I didn't stop laughing during the two-hour set. My face hurt by the end of it.

He let us into his mind as he confessed the things he would like to say in social situations he really can't be bothered with or at home - be it to his partner Lisa, friends or strangers he's forced to engage and make small talk with - but never would.

There were some non-PG moments and darkly comic turns - he was the first to admit that as he apologised to the Birmingham crowd while chuckling to himself mischievously on a number of ocassions - which can't be repeated here. But he's Romesh, everyone loves him so he gets away with it. His almost embarrassed reaction to shocking his audience with his edgy material made it all the funnier.

But these were digressions. His set was mostly about the annoyances, frustrations and mundanities of life we can all relate to, and social situations we're forced to endure because we can't say we actually don't want to do them. Things like making small talk with your partner's friends' husbands or being forced into a couple's evening.

Even meeting up with friends is a chore for Romesh. So much so he says he doesn't want to make any more. Ever. This is just a flavour of Romesh's rants. 'Life coaches' telling us we need to get up at 5am and work out and Laurence Fox also got it in the neck.

He's been doing this a long time now. In fact, Romesh is probably seen more these days as a TV presenter than a comedian. His comfort in the spotlight after years of fame - he'd probably baulk at the word - was obvious and he was at ease on stage doing what he told the Birmingham crowd he loved.

A natural. I can't recall laughing so much at another comedy gig. If you get the chance to go and see him, take it.

Romesh is back in Birmingham on Friday evening for his second sold-out show in as many days before his tour moves on to Nottingham, Hull, Leeds and Manchester.