We're All Eating Kiwis Wrong, According To This Doctor On TikTok

Yup, you should be scoffing that hairy skin too.
Yup, you should be scoffing that hairy skin too.

Yup, you should be scoffing that hairy skin too.

In today’s edition of “Wow, I really can’t do anything right”, it turns out we’re eating kiwis completely wrong.

Yup, if like many of us, you opt to scoop out the inside of the fruit and bin the skin, newsflash – you’re wasting a source of goodness for your gut.

Dr Kajan Raj, who boasts an incredible five million followers on TikTok explained in his latest video how kiwi skins are actually super beneficial for digestion.

“Nature’s pretty clever – the skin of most fruits has insoluble fibre which acts like a rake to sweep your intestines of all the poo in there,” he shared in the video, which has been liked over 100k times in just 24 hours.

He continues: “The flesh contains soluble fibre which makes everything softer and easier to deal with. If you eat a kiwi with the skin on, you get both insoluble and soluble fibre which is ideal.”

According to Healthline, scoffing two kiwis a day, skin and all, can really help if you suffer from constipation as the two types of fibre they contain can help with stool consistency and decrease the time it takes for food to pass through your digestive system.

Kiwis aren’t just super beneficial for your gut - the small fruits are exceptionally high in vitamin C, with a kiwi providing over 80% of your average daily vitamin C needs.

Before you start biting into kiwis left right and centre however, Dr Raj advises giving them a good wash before consuming.